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Rehabilitation Equipment

Dr Wolff Back Check Diagnostics Machine – is a multi-functional system for the testing and measurement of the strength of various muscle groups, with particular focus on those of the back. Ergonomically designed as a closed system, it permits one to realistically attain postural situations, thereby enabling meaningful and accurate measurement and documentation of any imbalance or deficiencies of various muscle groups. The Back Check can be used in conjunction with the Emotion 500 Med cycle for added testing and diagnostics.

In this line the multifidus and transversus muscles are trained by the Lateral Shifting, Multifidus Trainer, Standing Stabilisation, Transversus Trainer and Standing Rotation devices.

  • Lateral ShiftingTraining on a lateral plane in a standing position allows for a high activity of the  lateral trunk muscles, as well as the lower smaller surface muscles.
  • Multifidus TrainerTrains the motor control and controlled movement of the pelvis. At the same time the deep-set, close to the spine, activates the muscles of the multifidi.
  • Standing StabilisationTypical everyday movements are trained in an upright standing position. With biofeedback, stabilisation of the spine is accomplished whist doing dynamic movements.
  • Transversus Trainer Activates your transversus muscles in the lying position with biofeedback whilst under permanent control of your pelvis.
  • Standing RotationTrains you to control your rotational movement. This is load bearing device and the load will be increased as your muscles become stronger. This is the final phase of back therapy line as strong spinal stabilisation is needed to do the exercise.

 “The Deep Set”


Activating the Multifidi

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